Shipping & Return Policy

Refund Policy
In case of any quality issue, the customer has the right to return the product immediately at the time of delivery or email/call up the call center to return the products in an UNUSED form within 3 hours of delivery. Sugarfree Mart, at its discretion, shall try its best to partially or fully refund the amount or replace the same with a new product. Please note that the customer will not get any refund for opened/ partially used items.  On acceptance of the full refund and/or acceptance of the substitute product the purchaser hereby relinquishes his right to any further claim beyond the full purchase price
Further, in the event of non delivery of shipment the customer shall notify upon which shall ascertain the status as regards of non-delivery or otherwise from third party logistics company/carrier and on confirmation of non delivery full refund shall be made within 30 days from confirmation of non delivery by the third party carrier which shall be accepted by the purchaser towards full and final satisfaction of his claim if any. On acceptance of the full refund the purchaser hereby relinquishes his right to any further claim beyond the full purchase price
Product Warranty
Owing to the perishable nature of the products on this site, there are no warranties of any kind either expressed or implied and Sugarfree Mart disclaims all or any of them to the fullest extent. 
Please note that Sugarfree Mart is neither a manufacturer nor a producer of the products (sweets and consumable products) that it is supplying through its website. Sugarfree Mart would make every effort to weed out defective products and maintain the highest level of hygiene while procuring, processing (if any) and delivering the products to the customer, however, Sugarfree Mart cannot be considered liable for any consequences (physical or otherwise) resulting to the customer from the consumption of the sweets and food products delivered through its website. In case of any doubt on the quality of a product, it is the customer’s discretion to return the product either at the time of delivery or within 3 hours of the time of delivery in an unused form.