Jowar Meal 80gm

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Jowar Meal as the name suggests is made from puffed Jowar flour. Jowar is a staple diet fromthe central parts of India, high on protein, easy to digest. This is a delicacy from the same grain. Jowar meal does not need any cooking.

It contains roasted and ground peanuts, and ground seasem seeds. Salt and sugar is already added to taste. Packaged in 80 g.pouch it is sufficient for 2 persons snack or breakfast. Add buttermilk or curd to the contents, stir well, stand for a minute and eat. You can season with coriander and chillies, pure ghee and cumin seeds as per your desire. The nutritional values of the same are worth noting. Per 100 g Jowar Meal has 60% carbohydrates, 12% proteins, 14% fats and 7% sugar for a calorie value 415 kcal.

One serving is 40 g.

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