Go Low Sugar, Not No-Sugar

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Useful for the diabetic full who can consume sweets with low sugar.

The most common myth about diabetic people is that they can’t have any form of sugar at all. Even though it is true that the cause of diabetes is high blood sugar levels, it does not mean that diabetic people can’t consume sweets or sugar ever in their life.

The carbohydrates in your diet give a rise to the blood sugar levels. Whether those carbohydrates come from starchy foods like potato, or from sweets and desserts; it’s the same. You need to plan your carbohydrate intake in such a way that your blood sugar level is well balanced. It doesn’t matter what type of carbohydrate you consume.

For Example, take two types of foods that give rise to the blood sugar levels: Potato and Ice-Cream. If you were to eat 1 Potato or 1 cup of Ice Cream, the elevation of your blood sugar levels will be roughly the same.

Hence, you do not need to give up sugar free sweets for the rest of your life. You just need to plan your diet in such a way, that the blood sugar level does not escalate too much. So make healthier choices this December. We bring to you a special range of Sugar free sweets. Enjoy the guilt free indulgence without compromising with taste.  


Say goodbye to sugar and not the sweets.

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