The Art of Eating Chocolate.

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Chocolate has been popular for centuries. So, let's try something new to enjoy each bite of sugar free chocolate.

Not many people know the true art of eating and enjoying one of the best delectables.To enjoy the taste, you need to learn to taste the heaven. Delicious food is said to travel through all our five senses, our memory, and our minds. Our enjoyment of having chocolates improves dramatically if we observe, smell, taste, feel, analyze. So what does it mean to enjoy the divine taste of chocolate and if you could enjoy sugar free chocolate the same way?


Many people mistaken that foodies have better taste buds. But it’s not always true, the taste is interlinked with the right equipment to taste. So here are the five steps to enrich your chocolate tasting experience.


SMELL. Bring your nose close to the sugar free chocolate and inhale deeply. Close your eyes and breathe in gently to draw the aromas into the nasal passage.


SNAP. Bite the chocolate into two pieces. If the proper temperature conditions are present, you should hear a crisp, clean pop that indicates a well-tempered chocolate.


TASTE. Take a small bite. Break up the chocolate in your mouth, let it sit on your tongue, press to your palate (the roof of your mouth), and melt. What does your tongue detect: sweet, salty, bitter, or a combination?


Now, taste with the help of your nose, as the chocolate is melting on your tongue, take a deep breath, aerating your palate as you stimulate your sense of smell through the back of your throat. What flavors do you taste now?


SWISH. Swishing the chocolate around will allow it to hit all of the different taste buds found on the tongue. Sweetness is often detected on the front while sour is often detected on the sides.


EVALUATE. After you have eaten the chocolate, take a breath into your mouth and chew on the breath, this gives you the lingering sense of the experience. Did you enjoy? I am sure you had a great experience with this sugar free chocolate.




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