Sugar free cookies to the rescue!

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Craving for sweets? Try delicious sugar free cookies for snacks.

Everyone loves cookies! It's difficult to resist a mouthwatering cookie also called a small cake in certain regions. These crunchy finger foods are generally flour based made from maida or gluten-free flour like rice flour. There is a variety of cookies found such as big or small, plain or fancy made out of sugar or sugar-free sweetener or with a multitude of ingredients such as choco chips, dry fruits, and other fillings. But the fun fact is, they started not as a treat or a comfort food, but as an oven regulator!


The cookie evolved in the days before thermostats were used in cooking procedures where it was used as a test cake to test the right temperature of the oven before a cake was baked. For this small amount of cake batter was dropped onto baking pans to test the temperature, which turned out to become a cookie. At the time, no one thought the “test cake” would become a treat with a charm of its own.


Back then, due to the convenience and taste of the cookie, it became the ideal traveling food, as they stayed fresh for long periods making it a portable food which had a long storage life. But many people hesitate to indulge in this treat because of its high amount of sugar content. But if you are getting healthy plus tasty sugar free cookies, it's a slam dunk!


In modern times, cookies are so beloved that most home snacks include them on the list. There is a cookie for every personality, every mood and motivation. If you crave something to dip into your coffee or tea, this is a delight to satisfy you.


Soft and cakey, flavored cookies are there for every hunger rescue especially if there are sugar free cookies with nutritious value and sugar free. Apart from having cookies with tea in the morning, they are also consumed as snacks at different times during the day. So don’t forget to try some of these treats because health and taste are a very rare but a “not to miss” kind of a combination!


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