Sugar free chocolates! From Beans to Bars

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Sugar free chocolates! From Beans to Bars

A Balanced diet is sugar free chocolate in both hands !

Chocolates are everyone's favorite irrespective of age, gender, region, etc. Those sweet delicacies wrapped in a fancy paper, upon unwrapping which you can feel the overzealous butterflies in your stomach.


But have you thought about where these exotic chocolates came from? The treat so loved worldwide has a story more than around 4000 years old. The life of a chocolate began in a cocoa pod on a tree in the tropics.


The Latin name for Cocoa is Theobroma which means, “food of the gods”. The process begins with the journey of raising the trees to the final molding process and wrapping. The cocoa pods are harvested in small farms and when they turn vibrant yellow or orange color we know it's ripped. Then, the beans are cleaned by hands. These beans are fermented for 2 to 9 days. Later, they are exposed to the sun for 7 to 14 days in the hot sun. Once dried the beans are sorted for quality and packed to send across the market  for further process.


The further process starts to make cocoa liquor, by roasting at low temperature and the shells are separated by the process called as winnowing.


Let’s go back to the root of the chocolate without adding sugar.  For the same production of chocolate is done by adding cocoa butter and sugar free sweetener, this mixture is heated and kneaded for the smooth consistency. Here the final aroma and flavor are defined. This process is called “Conching”. The chocolate is cooled down and ready for final molding.


Chocolates here are completely sugar free chocolates and hence low in calories. Unlike other chocolates available in the market which are high in calories. Additionally eating chocolates is said to be beneficial to your health. According to the scientific research, cocoa contains antioxidants that are good for the heart disease, strokes, and flavonoids that help in the prevention of cancer.


Chocolate is a unique gesture of the festive season for all of us, whether it is someone’s Birthday, Valentine’s day, Easter, Halloween, Diwali and of course Christmas! Sugar free chocolates are the perfect treats for guests. Especially if they are sugar free. Sugar free chocolates are suitable for people dieting and also is diabetic friendly, as it contains zero calories and gives the same taste.

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