Monday morning wellness brew!

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One good Jhatka in the morning can change the whole day!


It’s Monday again! The day which is probably not everyone's favorite part of the week. As everyone has to get back to work, coming from a relaxed weekend, you need something to refresh your mind and get it on the fast track.


Starting your morning with a perfectly brewed tea really gives a kick start to your day and helps you feel more energetic all day long.


Tea has a nice warm beverage comforting factor that goes beyond refreshment. A variety of teas is available in loose leaf or tablet form.


There are different types of teas available, although the main four types found in India are Green tea, Black tea, Herbal tea and Oolong and Pu-erh teas also known as Chinese teas.


Tea has plenty of health benefits and here are some that will make you think why you should have tea daily.

  • Tea mentally wakes you up:

Tea has the ability to jolt the senses awake and if you add cinnamon it increases the awareness making a perfect combination.

  • Tea hydrates your body:

Firstly, it is a flavored drink that helps you get enough fluid to your body keeping you hydrated along with the wide range of nutrition.

  • Tea contains antioxidants:

Tea prevents or delays some type of cell damage and thus helps you to stay young and protects us from any damage from pollution.

  • Tea increases the immunity:

If your immunity is weak it can affect you and can show symptoms including fatigue, weak muscles, susceptibility to infection and so on. So here herbal tea helps improve your immune system.

  • Tea soothes the digestive tract:

Herbal Tea especially ginger ignites the digestive system, in turn activating up our metabolic forces. This can be good for people with irritable bowel syndrome.

  • Tea boosts your memory power:

Many scientists believe that tea can help strengthen the memory cells in the brain.

  • Tea has less caffeine than coffee:

Herbal Tea has no caffeine, while traditional tea has less caffeine than coffee this means you can consume tea without any effect on health.


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