I Am an Ex – Sugarholic- Without Sugar, I Am Healthy and Happy

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This is a story of an ex - sugarholic who realised that staying healthy doesn’t just mean eating healthy, staying healthy is also about keeping fit. 

Diabetes can turn your life upside-down and I learned that very early in my life.

I am an ex-sugarholic and this is my story.

Never has a history of diabetes in my family, I did not worry about the amount of sugar I consumed. My sweet tooth controlled my cravings and I found myself indulging in sweets and chocolates almost every day. That is until I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes at the age of thirty-two.

For a few months, I was completely devastated. I had been prescribed medicines and given dietary changes that included cutting off sugar from my diet. For a sugarholic like me, this was my worst nightmare. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t resist my craving for sweets and my condition gradually worsened. Finally, it was my doctor who got me out of this situation. I learned that having diabetes didn’t mean that I couldn’t enjoy my favorite sweets and deserts anymore; it just meant that I had to find another way out. I started reading books and immersed myself in research.

Today, two years later, my diabetes is in control and I am leading a healthy and normal life. So, what changes did I make?

The first step that I took was cutting off sugar from my diet, which includes tea and other beverages as well. I replaced sugar with stevia, a natural calorie-free sweetener that tastes exactly like regular sugar but without the unwanted calories. Unlike other sugar free sweeteners, stevia doesn’t leave a bitter aftertaste in the mouth and it is quite affordable as well. I ordered mine online and got it delivered right to my doorstep within a few days.

I have completely given up on aerated drinks which contain a lot of saturated sugar, and instead, I now prefer natural juices or coconut water. After switching to green tea, I have found myself losing weight and feel more energized than before.

Cutting off sugar also meant replacing regular sweets, chocolates, cookies, and cakes with their sugar-free counterparts. Sugar free sweets, biscuits, cookies, and chocolates are easily available online in myriad varieties and flavors. I make it a point to buy all my sugar-free foods from reputed brands that don’t compromise on the quality of the products. Checking the ingredient list is a must, as all sugar free sweets are not completely sugar-free.

Since herbal products do not have any detrimental side effects on the body, I have gradually shifted to a more natural approach to healing my diabetes. I mix karela powder with water and religiously consume it twice a day. Karela reduces toxins in the body and helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Finally, I realised that staying healthy doesn’t just mean eating healthy, staying healthy is also about keeping fit. That is why I go for a 30-minute walk every morning and try and take the stairs whenever I can. I also do some free-hand exercises at home.

My journey towards a healthy, sugar-free life has not been easy. I have faced my fair share of challenges, but I have finally achieved a balance where I can live a full and wholesome life without worrying about my diabetes. 

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