Herbal Trends Aloe Vera D-Blocker

Herbal Trends Aloe Vera D-Blocker

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1. Natural Cardiac Tonic. Nourishing and Gentle diuretic

2.Unique combination for balancing Pita and Kafa dosha 
3.Made up of the most effective herbs for our heart care  as per Ayurveda -Arjuna, Punarva , Amla , Aloevera 
4.Each Ingredient used of best quality and processed under strict surveillance and Q.C.control-GMP certified company
5.Gentle formula. Adjuvant in heart care and controlling side effects. Consult your physician before use.
6. Undiluted and no hidden chemical added.
7. All products from latest batches (max 3 months).
8. A product for Healthy Lifestyle Enthusiasts.


How to use:

Herbal Trends  Aloe Vera D-Blocker  Juice is commonly used as mentioned below:
20-30 ml in 100 Ml lukewarm water twice a day , don’t take anything 30 min before and after taking it.
Empty stomach preferred 


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