Herbal Trends Aloe Vera DB Control

Herbal Trends Aloe Vera DB Control

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1.Effectively formulated Nutritional Supplement for Healthy Blood Sugar Balance

2.Unique combination of 5 most potential herbs- Giloy,Karela Jamun, Amla. Aloevera
3.Each Ingredient used of best quality and processed under strict surveillance and Q.C.control-GMP certified company
4.Gentle formula . Adjuvant in diabetic care and controlling side effects. Consult your physician before use .
5. Undiluted and no hidden chemical added.
6. All products from latest batches (max 3 months).
7. A product for Healthy Lifestyle Enthusiasts.


How to use:

Herbal Trends  Aloe Vera DB Control is commonly used as mentioned below:
20-40 ml in lukewarm water twice a day , don’t take anything 30 min before and after taking it.
Empty stomach preferred 


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