Sugar free Blueberry And Dates

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DESCRIPTION :- At fanette we coat succulent blueberries ,dates and almonds coated with blends of coco solids, to bring to you the most nutrious flavoured chocolate. Without any  refined sugar honey or jaggery making it your prefect daily diet friendly snacking chocolate.

SHELF LIFE :-  9 Months From manufacture date

CONSUMPTION :- Best consumed in one month after opening pouch and store in a cool dry place.

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION :- Nutritional Value Per 100 gms Of Fanette  No Added 
Sugar Chocolates. 
Carbohydrates 66.34                                         66.34
Energy 491.09 Kcal                          491.09 Kcal/100g
Cholesterol                                            Not Detected
Sodium as Na 568.82gm                            568.82ppm  
Fat 21.45gm                                                     21.45%
Sat.Fat 18.48gm                                               18.48%
Trans Fat                                                 Not Detected
Milk Fat 1.42gm                                                 1.42%
Protein 8.17gm                                                   8.17%
Moisture 2.26gm                                                2.26%
Ash 1.78                                                                 1.78%
Total Sugar 36.55gm                                          36.55%
Vit C ND 
Iron(ICP-OES) 58.1gm                                         58.1 ppm
Calcium Assy 0.12gm                                         0.12%
ALLERGIC WARNING :- Product is made with a variety of common nuts

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