Bengali New Year

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The Bengali New Year celebration is popularly known as Poila Boisakh.

It is celebrated every year on April 14th or 15th, marking the first day of the first month of the Bengali calendar. Poila Boisakh is celebrated amidst joyous fervor, splendor and grandeur with families exchanging sweets, new clothes and pleasantries among relatives and friends.

On any Bengali occasion, the first thing that comes to the mind is sweets. No celebration or festival is complete for Bengalis without a generous portion of sweets. Even today, the iconic “rasgulla” and “mishti doi” bring a smile across every Bengali’s face throughout the globe.

In Bengali culture it is considered a good omen to start the New Year with traditional sweets like rasgullas, payesh, sandesh and ras malai. In keeping with the mood of festivities, indulging yourself in mouthwatering sweet delicacies is a must. Here are some popular Bengali sweets that are guaranteed to keep you salivating for more-

Rasgulla- Bengalis are known for their love of sweets, and when it comes to New Year, how can you simply resist the insurmountable pleasure of filling your mouth with a delicious and syrupy rasgulla? Canned rasgullas can easily be bought at online stores and they can make brighten up any occasion or celebration. Rasgullas are also ideal gifts that can be shared among friends and relatives on this festive occasion. If your loved one is a diabetic or struggling to lose weight, sugar free sweets rasgullas are sure to bring a smile on their faces.

Sandesh- This sweet and simple Bengali dessert is created using milk and sugar. Sandesh has a lot of varieties, and some include the use of chhena or paneer. In recent time, newer varieties like chocolate sandesh and mango sandesh have also become quite popular.

Gulab Jamun- This utterly delightful and heavenly mithai made using milk solids is an overall favorite, Bengalis and Non-bengalis alike. This syrupy delight is flavored with green cardamom, rose water, saffron or kewra to enhance the flavor. It is also available in sugar free varieties, keeping diabetic people in mind.

Mishti Doi- Mishti Doi is considered highly auspicious, so it is often a part of Bengali festive occasions and celebrations. This fermented sweet dahi or yogurt is prepared in a unique way by boiling and thickening milk and sweetening it with sugar or guda (date molasses). It is served in earthen pots and comes delicately seasoned with a hint of elaichi or cardamom.

Why sugar free?

Sugar free sweets are ideal alternatives for diabetics and conscious weight watchers out there. With the sugar free varieties, you can enjoy-

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